This is a federal version of legislation that a coalition of women-of-color organizations defeated at the local level in Georgia. It attempts to restrict women of color’s access to abortion and prenatal care in the name of “civil rights.” This bill seeks to protect “unborn Americans” by banning race- and sex-selection abortions.However, the argument that fetuses must be protected from the women of color relies on racist stereotypes about entire communities:

  • First, that Black women are selfish, irresponsible, and incapable of making reproductive decisions on their own behalf
  • Second, that Asian women mindlessly reproduce “son preference” and bring “dangerous values” into the country.

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Just because they slapped names of two people from the civil rights era on the bill doesn’t make this bill progressive or friendly. This is an anti-abortion bill drenched in racism and dressed in civil rights. 

I strongly suggest that you contact your congressperson to tell them that this bill is anti-choice and racist trash.