Another reason Gaga is off my Christmas list


Singer Lady Gaga says she feels like a gypsy at heart and doesn’t fear being homeless.

The singer, who is yet to buy her own home, admitted she is still “homeless” because she thinks it would be a “waste of money” to splash out on a property when she spends most of her time on tour, reports

I’m a gypsy, you know. I can’t plan my life out like that so much. Then I think well, gosh what a waste of money to buy a place and I’m on the road,” Gaga said on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

“Even though it might not seem like a big deal because I’m a pop singer or whatever, it still hurts to hand over that much. It’s a lot of money,” she added.

[Source: Times of India]

No, Gaga, you’re not a gypsy. What you are, is someone who relentlessly reinforces stereotypes. I get so tired of all these pop stars appropriating the word (Miley Cyrus, Shakira, Gaga to name but a few), a word that they clearly have no understanding of.

I also get tired when people tell me that anti-ziganism should never be compared to anti-semitism or other forms of racism.


 Isn’t that a form of racism in and of itself? Oh, we understand that anti-ziganism is a bad thing, but our racism is worse. No, all racism is bad.

But, I would actually go with an unpopular opinion here:

anti-ziganism is worse (if we’re using qualifiers) because people don’t believe it’s a thing. People don’t believe in ‘gypsies’. If they do, they believe any form of racism or discrimination is because of something that we did (as one person said to me—stereotypes exist for a reason. He went on to say that ‘gypsies’ should just get a job and stop stealing things …)

The racism against Rroma and other Walking People has been so institutionalized that it seems impossible to address. In some countries, such as Bulgaria or the Czech Republic, the racism is blatant, even at governmental levels. However, in many countries it is hidden. Rroma are denied visas, building permits, medical care, jobs, housing, education and more on a daily basis. 

You may not think so—but comments like Gaga’s do nothing to better our situation. As a real Rroma (gypsy) woman, Gaga has effectively wiped out my ethnicity and my lifestyle in two sentences. 

Once last week when I clarified that I was “gypsy” (they gave me a blank look when I said Rroma) my classmate said “OH! Like Shakira?!”

I simply walked away.