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What’s up my fabulous genderfucking friends?!

So one night I looked to see if there was a Fuck Yeah Non-Binaries blog yet and there wasn’t! Which was sad ‘cos there totally should be one. So I made this one to display all our glorious binary smashing selves as well as resources and information pertaining to trans* folk. 

But I need you! I need you to reblog this to all your followers (even if you’re not non-binary) and I need those amazing non-binary folk out there to submit your stories, photos and selves so you can connect with others, or drop me a line in my ask if you have any questions or just want to share your thoughts. 



Rebloggin’ again for the late night flyers. 

I’m off to bed but so far this is going really great, I’m really excited for the future of this blog and to be able to meet some rad nonbinaries. Follow, reblog, submit so I have lovely things to wake up to in the morning before I’m off to work ;]




Please help show Elvira support on Sept 18th @ 9am in SF- Say NO to racial profiling and injunctions!


——————SIGNAL BOOSTING (via facebook) ——————

by Erika Vivianna Céspedes on Monday, September 10, 2012 at 3:27pm ·

Peace Fam,

I am writing you today because as some of you may remember in June 2012, I worked with ten local queer im/migrant youth to create space and art for The Stories of Queer Diaspora Writing Workshop Series. Amongst those 10 youth was a young 19 year old latina superstar named Elvira Zayas. Elvira came to my program with 4 years of peer mentor and non profit youth program experience. She has been a active part of Lyric, DCYF- Department of Children Youth and Families, and even the Brown Boi Project. She is a compassionate, mature, and highly responsible part of our family and has even been holding up her own tattoo business for the past few years to help her family out.

Two weeks ago, Elvira was arrested and falsely accused of three charges (assault, gang affiliation, and dissuading a witness from calling the police). Her bail is set at $1 million.

I am writing today as adult allies in the community who work with and support our youth. Elvira’s case is an unacceptable example of the paralyzing effects that gang injunctions, police surveillance, and racial profiling have in our communities (especially within working, queer, and migrant communities). Elvira was falsely accused of being involved in a fight that broke out on Aug 29th, off of 24th and Shotwell in the Mission. She was arrested that same night. The SFPD is accusing her of being gang affiliated, and is saying that the Cuban Flag tattoo she has on her arm is evidence because it contains the colors red and blue (I am not in any way exaggerating or making this up). Elvira’s mother came crying into my office this past Tues, because she was at such a loss for what to do. She is a single mother from Cuba raising 4 kids in San Francisco and her daughter- who has NO prior record or arrests has been locked up for 2 weeks now without reason!!! To make it worse, if convicted Elvira could face 7-10 years.

I am asking that y’all please help us show that we will NOT tolerate racial profiling or injunctions by: 

1) Attending the preliminary hearing- Tues, Sept 18th 9am!

  • Elvira’s preliminary hearing is set for September 18th at 9 am at 850 Bryant Street in SF. We are determined to PACK the courthouse to show that our local community will not silently watch as these false allegations threaten to tear this family apart. Please feel free to RSVP here: http://www.facebook.com/events/280239312081522/

2) Calling the DA’s office!

The District Attorney’s name is George Gascón. The main office number is listed as: (415) 553-1751

  • The office is open from 8am-5pm. Feel free to talk about how as a community member or youth worker who supports Elvira— and all other youth who are constantly racial profiled like her—that the lapse of evidence in this case, the severity of the bail/potential sentencing for a young person that has no record and who has so much community support, and the fact that the family has experienced 2 full weeks of emotional stress and separation for something Elvira didn’t do is UNACCEPTABLE! This is just an idea/example of what to say, it would be dope if folks could call and say whatever they wanted to between now and this Friday, Sept 14th!

3) Please reach out if you have any suggestions/capacity to help organize this upcoming week!

  • Julia Ris (another one of Elvira’s mentors) and I have been completely blown away at how unfair the entire legal process has been in this case. There is NO evidence of Elvira’s involvement! Please contact me if you would like to help Julia and I gather letters of support (or if you know Elvira, you can even help write one), access legal support, or help organize towards the preliminary hearing. 

Help us show Elvira’s family that we support them! Feel free to holler at me with anyquestions, thoughts, suggestions, or strategy. Thank you for your time, energy, and positive thoughts for Elvira’s fam!



(510) 851-1643






GENDER BLENDER: A MOVIE ABOUT A THIRD GENDER follows the life of Lauren as she transitions from “female” to become her truth: gender neutral. Take an intimate journey through the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes Lauren undergoes just to be herself.

See how simple things like choosing which public restroom (or changing room) to use is a challenge and part of every day life. Candid interviews with religious and business leaders, friends, family, and even strangers, will highlight differing perspectives and shed light on this very important issue.

This “taboo” and empowering film will highlight the process of Lauren fulfilling her ultimate childhood dream: to go swimming in a boys’ bathing suite with no top… and no breasts… in public!  Journey with Lauren as she travels to Montreal to undergo surgical breast removal — also known as top-surgery — and witness her life as a gender neutral… before and after surgery.

Please support this project by donating and/or spreading the word!

Gender Blender Kickstarter Page

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