[Trigger Warning: Racism] If You Are An Ally, Advocate & Hold A Position of Power Don’t Do This:


An Open Letter To Buck Angel:

The fact that you are in a position of power because you are so well known and regardless of whether you like it or not, you have media attention and people look to you as an important voice for the queer community. I am stating this because this is vital to what is happening right now.

It’s offensive and extremely disappointing to watch someone who calls themselves an advocate and ally state some pretty disgusting sentiments.

Before you dismiss this call out like you have to others, Buck, take a moment to really listen to critique’s and don’t lump anyone with a minute amount of dissent as hating you. Especially when it comes from within your own community.

You are pissed. It’s pretty obvious, even though you have a lot of supporters who would jump in immediately to state that you are in no way wrong, even some people of color saying that you aren’t racist or classist. I am here to remind you that one or a few people of color giving you a free pass does not equal a literal all clear free pass.

Having watched the critiques and then arguments unfold, I can’t help but have to call you out as well.

If you identify as an ally, advocate and educator. It is important that you do the internal work of being an ally and educate yourself properly. Listening to people of color when they tell you what you are doing is hurting them and is racist is a part of this. Listen. Instead of letting your anger come first over everything, if you truly are an ally, Listen to the people you are offending. Check your privilege & the fact that the statements you make that are racist, classist or misogynist will be called out and it isn’t as simple as “this person hates me” because you are being called out.

That’s the easy selfish way out. You have feelings yet, if you are an ally, you learn to deal with the anger you feel when being called out and you listen. You read the critiques and you work at changing what you are doing.

What You’re Doing Wrong & Are Being Called Out For:

  • Taking critique as personal insult
  • Not listening to people of color when they call you out on racism
  • Not listening to people in general when they call you out on racism & classism
  • Not being an true ally
  • Instead of discussing or walking away, retorting to classist & racist statements like “Maybe that’s why you’re poor and need to beg for money” to insult a queer person of color who said they hated you. On top of it, posting their blog on your twitter so people would attack said queer person of color.
  • Using tactics of oppression against people within your own community
  • Not owning up to the statements you make and pretending that they are somehow loving and peaceful
  • Threatening queer people of color for calling you out, more specifically threatening a queer woman of color

Also, there is no such thing as a “race card” Buck:

Buck Angel® BuckAngel Buck Angel® @   @danny_waters @RyanStGermain what does color have to do with anything-using the race card is a bit racist don’t you think?

6 hours ago

If a person of color tells you you are being racist, they don’t just say it for shits and giggles. In fact, as a queer person of color, I can say this is my life and I have the most knowledge when it comes to it and if I call someone out for being racist, it’s because they’re being racist. Because “color” may have NOTHING to do with your life and how people treat you, how they judge you, what jobs they may or may not hire you for, does not mean it is universally true for all.

You cannot call yourself an ally when you are using your own fame and privilege to hurt those within your own community.


Nuestra Hermana

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You know, I thought it was bad when Buck was defending Dan Savage, but the responses he’s sending to people are absolutely horrible. How can he claim to be an educator and advocate if he’s intentionally attacking and targeting a part of the community that is only speaking against him because of his harmful and oppressive behavior. This really, this just makes me sick.