why does my femme identity threaten your queerness?


I am queer enough for both of us


Really though, this goes for anything. Someone shouldn’t have to tear down someone else in order to justify their identity. I’m so tired of seeing this behavior perpetrated throughout the queer community and even by representatives (those who are willing or not). It’s okay to be different and still be apart of the same community and/or identity. 

Identieis will not magically solidify and harden by attempting to break someone else’s. It doesn’t work like that. 






New lipstick! It’s called “DIVINE.” I think I may have a lipstick addiction.

Please excuse the photo attempting to “subtly” show the manicure I gave myself last night, but it was hot pink and teal. I couldn’t resist.

Reblogging because everyone should be able to witness this adorable lady on their dash. :)




If y’all can signal boost this it would be super amazing!

So my partner and I are roadtripping from Boston, MA to Oakland, CA this December and we need a bit of help finding places to stay!  We need a place to stay in

  • FORT SMITH, Arkansas on Dec 29, 2011
  • ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico on Dec 30th, 2011
  • LAS VEGAS, Nevada on Dec 31st, 2011

We are

  • a 21 year old white, genderqueer, femme trans guy who is a student/artist/activist
  • a 24 year old queer woman of color who is also an artist/activist

We’re both quiet, clean, and respectful.  We don’t smoke or drink and we won’t have any pets with us. 

Pluses! We would be stoked if

  • you are also queer and/or trans* and/or of color (+allies!)
  • you have a bed or couch to sleep on and not just a floor (we both have hella bad backs and will have been driving for a looong time)
  • you have a sober and/or smoke free household (neither of us drink, and my asthma is triggered by smoke)

If your house doesn’t fit that criteria, but you’re down to house us, feel free to message me anyway!  Those are just pluses, but our first priority is having somewhere to sleep :)

IF YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO HOUSE US (or know someone who might) PLEASE DON’T REPLY IN MY ASK BOX! I’m going to be off tumblr for a bit and I won’t have access to my askbox. 

Instead, you can email me at:  delisubthefemmecub@gmail.com

If you have a tumblr, feel free to link me to that as well!

Thanks for all your help <3

Signal boost.