A woman from Tennessee was denied the right to visit her partner in a local hospital because the two are not legally family or spouses, Out and About reports. 

Val Burke tried several times to visit her partner in Rolling Hills Hospital’s residential facility and was denied every time. She had been previously allowed in the room only if her partner’s mother was present. 

Recent federal laws allow patients at most hospitals - that is, those participating in Medicare and Medicaid - to determine their own visitation standards. This hospital does qualify under that policy, but Burke was denied visitation anyway. The hospital administration has not commented on why this happened. 

“I went to visit her at the appropriate visiting time and was turned away,” she says. “We have been living together for three years now, but that didn’t matter to them either. The rest of her family is out of town, so she didn’t have any one visit her.”

This. Is. Not. Acceptable. 


Another reason Gaga is off my Christmas list


Singer Lady Gaga says she feels like a gypsy at heart and doesn’t fear being homeless.

The singer, who is yet to buy her own home, admitted she is still “homeless” because she thinks it would be a “waste of money” to splash out on a property when she spends most of her time on tour, reports

I’m a gypsy, you know. I can’t plan my life out like that so much. Then I think well, gosh what a waste of money to buy a place and I’m on the road,” Gaga said on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

“Even though it might not seem like a big deal because I’m a pop singer or whatever, it still hurts to hand over that much. It’s a lot of money,” she added.

[Source: Times of India]

No, Gaga, you’re not a gypsy. What you are, is someone who relentlessly reinforces stereotypes. I get so tired of all these pop stars appropriating the word (Miley Cyrus, Shakira, Gaga to name but a few), a word that they clearly have no understanding of.

I also get tired when people tell me that anti-ziganism should never be compared to anti-semitism or other forms of racism.


 Isn’t that a form of racism in and of itself? Oh, we understand that anti-ziganism is a bad thing, but our racism is worse. No, all racism is bad.

But, I would actually go with an unpopular opinion here:

anti-ziganism is worse (if we’re using qualifiers) because people don’t believe it’s a thing. People don’t believe in ‘gypsies’. If they do, they believe any form of racism or discrimination is because of something that we did (as one person said to me—stereotypes exist for a reason. He went on to say that ‘gypsies’ should just get a job and stop stealing things …)

The racism against Rroma and other Walking People has been so institutionalized that it seems impossible to address. In some countries, such as Bulgaria or the Czech Republic, the racism is blatant, even at governmental levels. However, in many countries it is hidden. Rroma are denied visas, building permits, medical care, jobs, housing, education and more on a daily basis. 

You may not think so—but comments like Gaga’s do nothing to better our situation. As a real Rroma (gypsy) woman, Gaga has effectively wiped out my ethnicity and my lifestyle in two sentences. 

Once last week when I clarified that I was “gypsy” (they gave me a blank look when I said Rroma) my classmate said “OH! Like Shakira?!”

I simply walked away.



Gay men will now be able to give blood as Government restrictions are officially lifted, the Department of Health (DoH) said.

A lifetime ban on blood donation by men who had had sex with another man was put in place in the UK in the 1980s as a response to the spread of Aids and HIV.

But following a review by the Advisory Committee on the Safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs (Sabto), men who have not had homosexual sex within a year will be able to donate if they meet certain other criteria. The move will be implemented in England, Scotland and Wales.


ASK: What’s the story about Dan Savage? (I made this response post re-bloggable for those who requested it).


(TRIGGER WARNING: discussion of cissexism, cissexist language/slurs, suicide (it gets better campaign), rape apologism, victim-blaming, body-shaming, slut-shaming)

Oh where to start with Dan Savage…

Anon, I live in Seattle. Dan Savage writes for a local publication here called the Stranger. Seattle seems to have a love-hate relationship with it. I personally, (as a journalism/news media snob) would never read it. 

Savage is a gay married man. He is somewhat of a celebrity in the gay community. I say gay instead of queer because he does not always acknowledge all facets of our community. 

He and his husband started the It Gets Better project, which has helped many queer youth swerve away from the suicidal path. 

So he has done some really awesome things. Personally, as a journalist, I do not think that his articles are as awesome as people seem to think. He is harsh and rude for no reason. He crosses the line between forceful opinionated journalism, and mirrors the conservatives he so publicly loathes in his close minded opinions and unwillingness to hear multiple sides of a story that challenges his almighty opinion.

Oh and my favorite thing about Dan Savage is he tends to sway on the side of “they asked for it” when it comes to rape victims and slut shaming. Just the topper on the cake.

Again, these are all my personal opinions. For all of Savage’s links here are his column links


Scrappy (blogger/PQ guest writer)


I agree with Scrappy on this topic, anon. While Dan Savage has done AMAZING things for the gay and lesbian community, he DOES exclude or outright INSULT many minorities within the queer community - namely bisexuals, pansexuals, and those in the trans* community.

Sources for these accusations are located here:

He HAS also been accused (a number of times) for being a rape apologist, slut-shamer, AND racist.

Sources for these accusations follow:

While I think that the It Gets Better Campaign is a well-meaning project, it DOES offer false hopes to some - especially if members of the community are excluded/ignored.

QueerWatch discusses this much further here:

When these accusations are brought to his attention he either does not respond or reiterate the fact that most of his worst statements occurred a number of years ago. The problem is: IT IS A RE-OCCURRING ISSUE.

His most recent bout of news:

And, lastly… if anyone is interested, there is also a tumblr just for Dan Savage regarding all the aforementioned topics:

I hope that answers your question, anon. Good day to you. <3


Riley (PQ creator/editor)

P.S. If you would like to see videos of Dan Savage actually SAYING these things, simply type things like ‘Dan Savage biphobia’, ‘Dan Savage cissexism’, etc. into youtube’s search engine.

The resources are endless really…

This post is perfect.





Justin Adkins, a transgender activist and Assistant Director of the Multicultural Center at Williams College, was arrested as part of the “Occupy Wall Street” protest on October 1 at the Brooklyn Bridge.

imageIn a statement released to the public (read it below), Adkins details his mistreatment by the NYPD because of the fact that he is a transgender man. Adkins said he identified himself as transgender from the moment he was arrested. That, however, did not prevent a humiliating sequence of events from occurring which included a disrespectful genital pat down, being segregated from others arrested at the protest and being placed in a cell with violent criminals, being chained to the wall of the only working restroom in the jail for 8 hours. Being denied three requests for food while others at the protest were fed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and water.

Writes Adkins:

At one point the woman (another protester) I had spoken with earlier was brought into use the toilet. When she entered the room she looked shocked and asked why I was attached to the railing. I told her again that it was the “transgender special”. She clearly understood that I was being discriminated against because of my transgender status. She asked the female officer in the room why I couldn’t be given my own cell and the officer said “you don’t know why he is locked up here” the woman said that she did know and that I should at least be given my own cell if they were not going to house me with the male protestors I was originally arrested with.

Throughout the night it became clear that they wanted my fellow protestors to think that I did something criminally wrong. That I had done something different from them. That I was not just a peaceful protestor exercising my rights on that bridge. That I deserved to be handcuffed to a railing in the side of the precinct with violent criminals. Everyone seemed to wonder why I had been separated. When other officers chatted amongst themselves about why I was separated, one officer suspected aloud that I was a “ringleader”. The woman officer stood a few times outside the glass wall with the door open as male officers asked about me. It appeared that she told them that I was transgender as they gawked, giggled and stared at me.

Adkins says he hopes that his story will shine some light on the lack of protocol regarding transgender people by the NYPD: “No one should experience the blatant discrimination and embarrassment that I did.”

Read Adkins’ statement, below.


Trails End Farmers Market: Stop Discriminating Against Transgender People


“On September 10th, 2011 three transgender individuals were running a booth at the Trails End Farmers Market in London, Ontario, Canada. These individuals were working for another non-LGBT business owner selling incense and candles. Business was running smoothly throughout the busy day. Later that evening the owner of the booth received a call from the manager at the farmers market telling her that she needed to remove the transgender individuals from her booth or she could take her booth elsewhere. Their justification was that this was a family-friendly business and they didn’t want that sort of ‘population’ in their establishment and that they made people uncomfortable (the manager did not provide proof of these claims when asked repeatedly). Sign this petition to tell the Trails End Farmers Market that we live in a diverse society and that it is discriminatory to forbid certain individuals from running booths in their establishment. Transgender individuals are not ‘unfamily-friendly’ and they were merely selling candles. Feel free to also give them a call or send them mail and tell them you disagree with their practices!

4370 Dundas St. East

London, Ontario


(519) 268-3840”

Sign the petition here.

Please reblog, guys, gals & non-binary folk!


I wish it didn’t say ‘transgendered’ at the top of the petition. But sign it y’all.



Submitted by alannathemute:

Okay. I agree with this article. For the exception of this unnescary line: 

Everyone is beautiful. Except for people with asymmetrical faces. Those people  should wear more make-up.

That line is unnecessary and totally undercuts the entire sentiment of the article, not to mention it’s completely abelist. I saw a comment that suggested it was really to emphasis some hidden meaning, that’s really not how it comes off. Yes, you should never judge or harrass someone over what their body looks like, regardless if they are considered skinny, chubby, fat, or somewhere in between or beyond that. We are all beautifully flawed creatures and our imperfections are simply a part of our humanity, and you have no right to judge anyone else.

Now to come to this conclusion, and then turn around and suggest that people with asymmetrical faces (people who have no more control over what their faces look like than what our bodies are predetermined to be) are not beautiful and need to wear make-up is appalling. There are many beautiful people with asymmetrical faces, and I’ve even had friends with them. There is nothing about them that should detract from their beauty as a person, or gives you any fucking right to judge them over something they have no control over.

You can tell me it was meant to be sarcastic or had a little humor to the piece, but the fact is it wasn’t funny, it was a direct form of albeism and it was disgusting. Obviously, I’m not the only one who feels this way either:


Wow, I’m offended on behalf of the group of women with asymmetrical faces. You realize that in most cases it cannot be helped, don’t you? I’ve had reconstructive surgery to try to minimize it. I have also been complimented on my good looks before and after surgery. Open your mind, please.

From my understanding, some facial forms can be harmful to health (specifically respiratory) To be honest, I’m not sure how truthful that statement is. Regardless, my friend who does have an asymmetrical face has commented that if she were to get anything done, it would be simply cosmetic. Of course, that doesn’t matter, you still had no fucking right to say that they are somehow inferior to people with symmetrical faces, and then tell them how they should lead their life.

For some reason,  I see a lot of blogs and articles about equality* with this small, unseen asterisk that will inform you what type of -ism you’re going to expect to see with your eloquently written bullshit about fair treatment.

*Example of what these footnotes would denote if they really existed: Because we like to advance in total Douchebaggery and constantly negate the negative thoughts about our group onto another, this post will probably offend you if you don’t like racism, sexism, cissexism, sexualism, classism, ableism, ageism, and sizeism. Thanks!