My friend made a comment that really bothered me, that my sister was so skinny that she was far from being a ‘real woman’.
Because ‘real women’ have curves.

Now my friend is not tiny, so I asked her if Jamie said that she [my friend] was too big to be considered a real woman, would she be offended? She said yes, said it was obvious, then said that it was a completely different thing.

I know for a fact my sister would love to be a curvy girl, but she wasn’t built that way, and she will never have big boobs or an ass or hips, and frankly, she is still beautiful and she is a still a ‘real woman.’

I hate that, people think that just because girls are skinny it’s ok to make negative comments about their body. They think it’s ok to call them anorexic or bulimic or tell them to eat a sandwich, etc. etc. It’s not.

It’s not ok to make negative comments about anyone else’s body, we all have our issues. We’re all aware of our bodies and it does still hurt to hear things like that, no matter what size or shape you are. Stop it. Just stop it.

Nobody wants to hear they are too fat or too thin or too short or too tall or whatever. Just get over it, all of our bodies are different, and that doesn’t make you any more or less of a woman.

So what is your ‘friend’ implying? She’s a fake woman?

Even more so, who is she the one to judge what constitutes as a ‘real woman’? Where is she getting her definition from exactly? Who says it’s right to define a woman by the curves she lacks, or has, her organs, her hair, or any other small detail that has nothing to do with her cuntmentality? Women cannot be defined. What makes up a woman is her own individual thoughts, experiences, life, and so many other beautiful things. We come with too many talents, too many flaws, imperfections, sizes and shapes to cluster our beauty in one single definition.

I hate when someone puts real in front of woman. No shit we’re real! This isn’t a fantasy, we live in reality. And in this real world, you’ll find so many different types of women it’ll blow your mind just thinking about it. I’m sure that your sister is fine just the way she is, and all the woman anyone will need. Your sister is very lucky to have you, not a lot of people would challenge what their friend might say, even if it’s about a loved one or they know it’s wrong.