Women who show their boobs to get attention




You are part of the reason why rape culture is still an issue.

The sooner women stop objectifying their own bodies, the sooner men will stop.

I’m really hope you’re trolling right now.


If you’re going to use rape culture in a sentence, it’d be a wise idea to know what the fuck it means. Try Rape Culture 101.

You should also know that YOU are the cause of rape culture, this is called victim-blaming. The sooner people stop telling people to be ashamed of the bodies and blaming them for the heinous and vile crime another person has NO REASON to execute, the sooner people will realize that it is wrong, and that they have no bullshit excuse to fall back on. 

No one should be afraid to show their tits, it’s just another part of their body. It’s acceptable for men to go shirtless, why can’t anyone else? There is no shame in self-love, and that is the farthest thing from objectifying yourself. Get your head out of your ass.