I’m the co-chair, and organizer for a local outreach program that was just started in my town to help queer kids and allies.

I put together some “info handouts” and we’re all really excited about them.

Please let me know if you have ideas for more, or how we should change them to be even more inclusive.

Thanks everybody!

what ballin’ posters!


GREAT INFORMATION! Great design and great inclusion. I don’t think there’s anything I can suggest, except maybe put them up at my university XD

Actually, can I print them off and put them up at my university?

Ohhh Jacq these are wonderful. I totally love how it also says that before assuming anything always check with the individual and their identity at the top, but these are great for people who really aren’t informed passed mainstream gay rights.




Some Reasons Why The Myth That Demisexuality Is “Normal Female Sexuality” Is Harmful To Everyone, Really


(This can also pertain to grey-asexuality)

  • It completely erases male and nonbinary demisexuals
  • It perpetuates the sexist and misogynist idea that females are the “gatekeepers” of sexuality, as well as claims that all women are “modest”, don’t really want sex that much, are passive, only seek out romance and “marriage material”…the list goes on. Basically, the claim slut-shames women (even if they are demi) that engage in more sex than the “normality”, as well as virgin/prude-shames women (again, even if they’re demi) who have less or no sex (for any reason). While the latter might not be very obvious, by claiming demisexuality is “normal female sexuality” it claims that even though women are “modest”, they still have sex at some point.
  • The claim also implies that since it’s a “female orientation”, that men must be constantly horny brutes, and if they’re not, then there’s something wrong.
  • The claim almost always solely focuses on hetero females, claiming they are “normal” heterosexual women. This erases any demi women who are lesbian, bi, poly, pan, etc.
  • Nonbinary demis are almost never spoken of. In fact, I can’t think of a time anyone said anything about nonbinary demis, though I suspect they would be included under the “you’re all just trying to be special snowflakes” claim people make about demisexuality.
  • Male and nonbinary people seeking info about demisexuality, wondering if it describes their orientation may find something dismissing it as “female” sexuality, which may make them think it cannot apply to them.

Understanding Privilege (Rebloggable by request)

What exactly is privilege, especially racial privilege? I don’t understand what others mean when they say privilege because the contexts in which I read about privilege make it sound as though privilege is a permanent concept rather than a societal one if that makes sense… I know what I think it is, but I want to know what most people think of it as, if you know that is :)

Asked by bigmouthbigideas


Privilege is a societal concept, one that normally has historical precedent or a heavy influence. What this means is that at some point a person is going to have privilege over another person. This mean that society will accept you as the norm whereas someone who is different to you in that category is degraded, belittled, dehumanized, ignore, misunderstood and becomes a socially acceptable target for ignorance, stereotypes, violence and so on and so forth.

What this doesn’t mean is that a Privileged Person’s persons life will be all rainbows or sunshine. This is simply a term used in anti-oppression conversations about society’s accommodation for a person and lets them believe that they are normal without having to understand someone who deviates from the normal.

The privilege you asked about is White Privilege

Here are some others:



Welcome To The Cuntmentality

This blog will feature the mind of a cunt such as, but not limited to, those women who are trans*, white, black, yellow, thin, chubby, fat, queer, and straight. It is unfortunate that those who are not cisgender, thin, white, and ablebodied, are often rejected by society and made to shame who they are. We have been conditioned to believe that our humanity can only follow one rule. This is a lie.

We have yet to comprehend the real meaning of beauty. Yes, it is subjective and it may be what an individual finds attractive. But it is so much more than just that. Beauty, in simplest terms, is not something processed and manufactured then labeled on the ass of the exploited woman. It is perfection, but only because it is flawed. It is as real as the skin on your bones. It breathes. It feels. It is our external pulse, beating silently within ourselves. Beauty is life, which courses through everyone’s veins. To say that we are otherwise, is a notion that should be abhorred, instead of the life being judged. 

Anyone who shares the Cuntmentality I ask that you submit yourself to this blog. Not only that, but tell us about yourself. Even more, tell us what your flaws are and I hope you say them with pride. Our flaws, whatever they may be, set us a part and make us unique. They tell the world that you have something interesting, something different to offer to those around you. Don’t ever hide that or try and change it. In fact, celebrate it.

I don’t care so long as you possess the cuntmentality. I want you naked. I want you clothed. I want your stories. I want your differences. I want you just the way you are and I want you on this blog.