What is Transcending Anatomy?

Transcending Anatomy started as a project for my SExCo class at Oberlin College in spring 2011. As a trans person who has primarily had sex with other trans people, I was frustrated that the few available resources about sexuality for partners of trans people mainly talked about hormones and surgery. They didn’t represent me or my partners, and I wanted something different.

Transcending Anatomy is an alternative resource that acknowledges the diversity of trans people’s bodies, identities, and sexualities, while giving trans people and our partners an opportunity to speak for ourselves. On this Tumblr you can read the zine (or download a copy!) and read continuing submissions. Let’s start a conversation!

What you’ll find here: Lots of talk about trans people having sex! Honesty, communication, consent, and respect. Advice about asking the right questions and finding comfortable language. Sex-positivity. Body-positivity. Quotes and anecdotes from real people who are straight and queer, mono and poly, vanilla and kinky, asexual and sexual, with all kinds of genders, in all stages of “transition”.

What you won’t find: “Trans 101” material. Advice about transitioning, surgery, and hormones. Relationship talk (except inasmuch as it relates to sex). Erotica and porn (I’ll post links, but there won’t be anything NSFW directly on this Tumblr). Sexism, heterosexism, cissexism, ableism, racism, classism, and other forms of oppression.

Triggers: This is a place for open talk about sex and dysphoria; posts on those topics won’t have trigger warnings. This includes kink, BDSM, and all terms for body parts. Any material related to harassment, abusive relationships, sexual assault, or violent assault will have a clear trigger warning.

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