Closing down TCM

In 28 days I will be starting testosterone. In the past year I’ve done a lot of searching and self-discovery. I’m still not sure how I identify in terms of the binary, but I do know that a masculine presentation is important to me and that my dysphoria is triggered mainly by feminine characteristics that I cannot change. 

This means that I no longer feel comfortable blogging here simply because given my recent trans* man status I do not want my privilege to ruin a place that was meant for people who experience misogyny (in all of it’s forms), among other reasons that I don’t believe a trans* guy has any right speaking on (at least not in a position of authority, which this blog and it’s title asserts). I won’t delete the blog because I think there are a lot teachings here that are still important.

For those of you that would still like to follow me, you can follow me here at ispeakprophecies. In the future I might make another social justice oriented blog, once I can balance my life outside of tumblr. 

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Sorry for lack of activity.

I’m currently working two jobs, trying to get both my website and photography/design business up and going (a very slow process I might add) and I’m a full time student. So I have a really heavy workload. So if you send me a message please don’t think I’m ignoring you because I’m not, I just probably haven’t had the time to sign in for a while. Hopefully during break I’ll be able to get on more but I’m incredibly tired. It doesn’t help that since I don’t own a car, I’m biking back and forth between these places. -.-

I hope you’re all doing well though, and feel free to send me so love in my ask I will most certainly reply to it when I get the time. :)





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Liana Andrews, 16, and Kacie Watson, 14, are church friends and vanished on Friday night. Liana’s grandmother was watching the pair and went to bed.

Liana sent a message to her grandmother that said they would be back home on Saturday around 1:30 p.m. The pair never showed up. Andrews only has a learner’s permit, but when she and her 14-year old friend vanished, so did her mother’s car, a 2001 Gold Chrysler Sebring. It was found days later abandoned in Downtown San Antonio near the courthouse with some of their personal belongings still in it.

“No girls would leave their makeup and clothes,” said Ernestine Lomaz, Watson’s grandmother. “Not those two. They wouldn’t leave their makeup and clothes in a car.”

The families believed the girls went to see a man they met online so police consider them runaways. The families want it reclassified as a missing persons case. “This is not a runaway case,’ Turner said. “My daughter and her friend are in danger. I know that and I want them found.”

If you have seen Liana and Kacie, you’re being asked to call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at 713-221-6000 or report it on the county’s missing persons website. 



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How to make homemade breastforms

Just some resources for my transfeminine/trans women followers!

It’s interesting because as a transguy I don’t even know what transgirls have to go through in order to pass. 

That’s because neither do most trans women because of transmisogyny. There are no resources for us. Trans men get access to resources and support that we do not.

I haven’t even realized that before. Thank you for opening my eyes to this issue. It’s very sad though. I mean… I don’t even know what to say. Definitely reblogging every time something that might be useful for trans women shows up on my dash!

cool that is a good thing to do. also i would appreciate it if you would submit them to tuckingandotherskills as well so we can get the word out!

HEY YEAH this is a thing - trans men get binder giveaways and feminist sex stores that cater to their needs. they get trendy top surgery fundraisers and art shows and shit. i mean THESE ARE ALL GREAT THINGS. but “resources for trans* people” needs to stop meaning “resources for trans* masculine folks”! OK THAT IS ALL CARRY ON AND THIS POST IS ALSO GREAT.